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October 21

Hello Silviculture friends, 


Start off your week at a look what we have in store for you with this latest issue of Silvicutlure Magazine.

Our contributing writers have given us a lot to think about as we close in on the end of another planting season, when questions and concerns around forest management are in the news and the first installment of the fifth IPCC climate change report provides further evidence that our ecological support systems are changing and we all (including our industry) must respond appropriately.

See below for a glimpse at what is offered on the <digital> pages of our Fall 2013 issue, then get reading! 


  • Practicing Mindful Silviculture in our Changing Climate - by Suzanne W. Simard
  • The Importance of a Land Ethic in the Management of Private and Tenured Forestlands in British Columbia - by Fred Marshall
  • Forests, and their soils, are twice as important as Carbon Sinks - by Dale Prest
  • The Challenges of Active Forest Management in an Ecological Reserve- by Andrea Watts


These, along with our regular regional association updates, safety and other regular columns can be found here


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