It’s the hot smell of dirt that gets me most.

The snot in my nose bonding to rock dust and building a cast.

Sometimes I think I could puke from the feeling of my nostrils closing in.

Next comes the feeling of it in my throat as it cracks too.

My brow is a ledge for sweat, my clothes permeated with salt and moisture.

Water escapes everywhere, indifferent, not pausing to clean me off on its journey away from me.

It only leaves a sticky mat of fabric and human mud as my suit for the day.

I’ll drink more, every hour or so, to keep up the dress.

A Whirlwind Tour of Western Canada


For many people, October means crisp fall days and explosions of colour among many of our favourite deciduous species.  For reforestation contractors in British Columbia, it also means “viewing season,” as the provincial government, through the Ministry of Forests and BCTS, releases contracts for tender for the following spring and summer planting seasons.

The Symmetrical Planter: Why ambidexterity is good for you

By Jordan Tesluk 


Every planter does this. You step forward with your right leg- your right hip glides easily forward, and as you bend to plant the tree, your right leg muscles tense up to bear the load of your leaning torso. Meanwhile, your left leg, somewhat straighter behind you, relaxes just slightly, and your left back muscles do the work to maintain the balance of your hips as you overload your right leg and left back muscles.

WSCA Annual Conference and Tradeshow -save the date!

This year, silviculture professionals from all across western Canada will be gathering Wed. January 29- Friday January 31st for the Western Silvicultural Contractors Association annual conference and tradeshow. The event will be held at the Delta Grand Okanagan Resort in Kelowna, BC. 

Mark the date on your calendar, more information to come! 



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Silviculture Magazine

July 4

The Alberta Biochar Initiative “Launch” Event


On May 23, 2013 I attended the Alberta Biochar Initiative (ABI) Ribbon Cutting and Biochar Seminar at Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures (AITF) in Vegreville, Alberta.

This event was a celebration of the establishment of the ABI in order to “expand opportunities for biochar deployment in Alberta’s developing bioeconomy”, and a follow-up on the previous stakeholders workshop that was led by AITF in October 2011.