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For many silvicultural contractors, spring begins when enough snow has melted off the cut blocks and crews begin to put trees in the ground. It seems that time has come again and if planting trucks have yet to roll out across the country, they soon will.

Thanks to omnipresent technology, you can keep up with us as we publish our quarterly issues, so no excuses, get reading!


Our Spring 2013 issue is lined up with more great content thanks to our wonderful contributors. Some titles this time around include:

  • What is the future of silviculture?
  • Getting ahead of mountain pine beetle in Yukon
  • Taiwan seeks a balance between multiple objectives
  • Public attention for private forests
  • We should be losing sleep over lack of sleep
  • BC needs an updated inventory and a clear purpose to apply it
  • and more!

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Happy spring!


Kate Menzies